trade names

by definition

A trade name, is the name under which your business “trades” with others.

Business Names and Company Names are types of trade names. Business Names or trading styles are unincorporated names under which your business trades (e.g. Mary Lou trading as ABC Cheese Shop). Business Names can be registered provincially only; however, mere registration of a business name does not provide any name protection.

  • Without trademarking, you could LOSE the right to use your business name!

  • Without trademarking, your company's trademark may NOT be protected!

  • Without trademarking, your business brand could become SOMEONE ELSES!

  • Without proper research you could be VIOLATING someone else's trademark!

Is your trade name protected or could you be prohibited from using or expanding use of your trade name?

A company name is the name of a corporation which is incorporated under the appropriate act federally, provincially or extra-provincially (e.g. ABC Cheese Shop BC Ltd.). Unlike business names, some geographical name protection is granted through incorporation under the appropriate Act. The broadest form of protection of a trade name is through registration as a trademark, provided that it qualifies within the terms of the Trade-marks Act.

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