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Domain names are names which can direct others to your web site. It is known as the web address (also known as URL or uniform resource locator - e.g. These Domain names are names which consumers often recognize in association with a business.

A domain name can be a trademark; however, trademarks and domain names are not the same, but they do overlap. It is a common misconception that registration of a domain name equals ownership of the name. However, a trademark owner with earlier rights and a valid registration could seize the domain name.

If your domain name is similar to a registered trademark, your domain name may be infringing on a registered trademark owner’s rights and it could be taken away. Proper research to ensure that you are not infringing on someone else’s trademark makes sound business sense. A small investment to secure registration of your domain name as a trademark also should be considered.

Ensure that you use a domain search service you trust.

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